Mike Novogratz, Galaxy Digital CEO, said that it would “surprise” that Bitcoin is not close to $ 10,000 soon. During his last interview with CNEV’s Kelly Evans, Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz once again; He stated that the price of Bitcoin would reach 20 thousand dollars after exceeding the hard 10 thousand dollars level. Novogratz said:

“It will surprise me if it doesn’t reach $ 10,000 soon. After that, we will see the levels of 14 thousand dollars and 20 thousand dollars. ”

The former Hedge fund manager states that he does not expect Bitcoin to be used as a payment currency, and says that the bull rally for Bitcoin operates just like precious metal.

Digital Racing Accelerates

Novogratz recalled China’s efforts to launch a regional cryptocurrency supported by South Asian fiat currencies, along with Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong. Therefore, it encourages the U.S. not to lag behind this progress and work on the tokenized version of the U.S. Dollar.

While explaining the difference between Venmo and the digital dollar, he says the latter will represent a decentralized system. 365 million users of both Venmo and PayPal are expected to be allowed to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in the third quarter. Meanwhile, as Novogratz puts it, Facebook is working to launch Libra by the end of the year.

“Crypto Mother Could Be Suitable”

Speaking of the departure of SEC President Jay Clayton, recently nominated by President Donald Trump for the Southern District of New York, Novogratz says the cryptocurrency industry needs ‘a little more busy’ and forward looking. Novogratz suggests that Hester Peirce, nicknamed ‘Crypto Mother’, could be a ‘big choice’ for Clayton’s business.


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