IFA 2021 event, which will be held in Berlin between 3-7 September, was canceled due to the coronavirus epidemic.

The COVID 19 pandemic continues to negatively affect the technology world. As you know, due to the pandemic, limited capacity was continued for a period of production and therefore the release date of many products was delayed. While the uncertainties created by the coronavirus epidemic deeply affected the technology sector, it was announced that the IFA 2021 event to be held in Berlin, the capital of Germany, was canceled due to the coronavirus epidemic.

The Consumer Electronics Fair (IFA) was held regularly in Berlin every year. However, due to the COVID-19 epidemic that started in 2020 and affected the whole world, the event last year was organized as half physical, half online.

While it remains unclear whether this year’s event will also take place, an official statement was made for IFA 2021. Authorities announced to the public that they canceled this year’s Consumer Electronics Fair in order not to risk the health of the participants.

Explaining the reasons for the cancellation of IFA 2021, the organizers said that the biggest factor in the cancellation is the uncertainty about the pace of vaccination programs around the world.

Another reason for the cancellation of the event is that the fair area in Berlin still serves as a vaccination center and emergency hospital. According to the information conveyed, the fairground will continue to serve in September in this way.

Date Given for IFA 2022 Event

Expressing that they are extremely sorry for the cancellation of this year’s fair, the organizers also heralded that they have started to work for IFA 2022. The officials stated that they will sign a joint work with the companies to organize the event next year and that IFA 2022 will take place between 2-6 September in Berlin.


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