Apple has reported that it is testing a number of new iMessage features that will be released for iOS 14 this year. The new update, which includes the ability to retract after sending messages and tag other people in group chats, also allows you to mark messages as unread.

iMessage is crucial to Apple’s iPhone marketing. The blue box interface that separates Apple users from the Android crowd is very popular. However, Apple has not made enough improvements to perfect iMessage. iMessage still doesn’t have some useful features you can find on other messaging platforms like WhatsApp. However, developments that may occur this fall with iOS 14 will help close this gap.

The same features are coming with WhatsApp
According to MacRumors reports, iMessage also tests the ability to tag the other user in group chats. The operation of the system they are talking about with the “@” symbol is similar to WhatsApp, Telegram and Slack. This feature can be very useful when messages are missed or notifications are off. While notifications are kept under control, users can easily access the messages whose names are mentioned.

Apple also allows us to withdraw messages we send from iMessage. In fact, this is a feature that is already used and frequently used in other messaging applications. Users can easily delete the message when they send a wrong message. There will be a phrase saying that the message has been deleted, such as WhatsApp, but they will not be able to see the message itself. It is said that the group description, the receipt of the last message and status updates can also be included.

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Will it catch up to iOS 14?
Of course, none of this has yet been confirmed. “These features can potentially come with iOS 14,” said MacRumors. But it can be held until a later software update, or maybe never released ”. So it’s too early to get excited about the changes.

Apple in particular; We can say that iMessage plans to make logical improvements if it wants to remain a sustainable messaging platform for iPhone users. However, these could possibly be set aside, among other major improvements for iOS 14.

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