PIVX developers have suggested that McAfee’s new cryptocurrency project GHOST has been copied from PIVX. McAfee disagreed with the claims.

Heavy claims have been made for the privacy-oriented project of famous cyber security legend John McAfee. PIVX developers stated that at least 20 of their blockchain projects’ white paper was copied from 26 pages by McAfee’s GHOST project.

“After a detailed investigation, it was understood that GHOST white paper was copied and stolen from 2018 PIVX white paper,” a tweet from PIVX on May 17 said. PIVX developers went on to prove with screenshots that at least 20 of the 26 pages of their white papers were directly stolen.

Appeal from McAfee
On the other hand, GHOST party said in response to the allegations:

“GHOST is based on a bifurcated version of PIVX, which is also the case for PIVX bifurcated from DASH. However, we have made a lot of development and we will continue to launch our awesome products with our innovations. ”

It is said that the GHOST team first decided to create a DASH fork, but with the great additions and edits they made, they decided on PIVX.

“The growth of Krypton is mostly based on the forking of blockchains,” McAfee said. PIVX is an open source project. Nobody owns it. We bought PIVX, we forked to create GHOST and we changed a lot. ” he argued that this was not a plagiarism.

Entrepreneur John McAfee, who is of British and American origin, is currently living in exile because of the tax charges he made in America.

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