Apple, one of the most famous companies in the popular world, has released an update that addresses privacy issues for its AirTag models.



Apple, which will introduce the iPhone 13 series towards the end of 2021, does not stop. The company, which also works on MacBooks that will be released in 2022, continues its successful course. The company, which has been the subject of our news with the foldable iPhone model for the last few months, continues its successful course from where it left off. The company has been on the agenda with privacy issues for a long time. The company’s newly released update also resolved the privacy issues of some of its products. Apple has released a new update for AirTag models.

Focusing on privacy issues with the new update, the company has also meticulously approached users’ feedback. We also followed the developments and reached the details of the update. Let’s see what kind of information is included in the details.

Apple AirTag Updated

In the announcement made this morning, it was stated that a new update was released for the device. With the update, the privacy concerns expressed by users for a long time were tried to be resolved. The new announcement, which was announced as an important update, also addressed the privacy issue in detail. With the new update released, the privacy and security of the devices have been improved. Expressing that users will be notified earlier against theft of devices, the update will reduce the time and inform users more quickly. Unfortunately, there is no detail about the file size of the update. It may be detailed soon.


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