Jason Schreier, one of the important journalists of the game world, shared a post for the games to be released in 2021 after the Hogwarts Legacy was postponed.

Many small and large games are released every year. Especially every year we definitely see at least 8 – 9 large-scale games. In fact, when we start the year, the number of these games is higher, but as the days pass, the games are constantly postponed. Therefore, it is not surprising to be postponed in the last period of the game world and no one trusts the release date of the games.

Yesterday evening, we received one of the first major postponements this year: Hogwarts Legacy. Journalist Jason Schreier, one of the most important names in the game world, shared a post on Twitter after this postponement.

Jason Schreier said Hogwarts Legacy is “just the first of many games to be postponed this year.” Of course we cannot say with certainty whether this is an opinion or because he knows something. However, Jason Schreier would not make such a sharing without being full.

Leaving everything aside, it would not be a surprise to say that many games will end this year. Especially, almost nobody believes that God of War’s second game will be released this year. If it does, it will be very surprising for everyone. We will see which games will be postponed as the days progress.


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