The new Netflix documentary Have A Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics takes us on a small trip under the title of hallucinogens with delightful items, along with the names we know from the world of music and cinema.

In the light of the experiences of names such as Ad-Rock, Carrie Fisher, Sting, Adam Scott, Shepard Fairey, Rosie Perez, Ben Stiller, Nick Offerman, Sarah Silverman, they will explain the hallucinogens in a wide range extending to cons, pros, scientific data, historical adventure, future and cultural influence. The first trailer of the documentary was broadcast.

As we are familiar with similar documentaries, it contains “trippy” animations and lots of funny memories; Apart from his fun moments, he answers his own questions, which we always think of but don’t know who to answer.

The documentary, which previously sat behind Lil ‘Bush’s directing chair and screenwriting productions such as The Simpsons, Parks and Recreation, will be on Netflix as of May 11.


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