Apple’s patents have become quite curious now. Because a new patent has emerged of the company, whose applications were even incident and talked about. We can position the technology giant, which is an eye-catching technology giant with patents to the wearable technology sector, as an accessory that will fit well with the iPhone 12. Apple stands before us with a smart ring patent.

Apple smart ring patent looks interesting
Apple’s smart ring can be an excellent iPhone 12 accessory. The company shows its interest in wearable technologies with the smart ring patent. The expandable design smart ring, which can offer Apple Watch-like features, looks interesting.

According to the smart ring patent shared in AppleInsider, the device called “Expandable Ring Product” has a different design. From a design perspective, we come across a ring that we can size as we want, like an accordion. This smart ring, which looks as interesting as it is strange, draws attention with its adjustable size.

This ring, which is predicted to have a slightly different design like Echo Loop, the smart ring of Amazon, is thought to be an accessory that can work with commands on your finger. We say it is being considered because not every patent can turn into a real product.

It turns out that the product can interact with certain iOS devices as far as seen in the details. This may mean that the iPhone 12, which will be introduced in mid-2020, can communicate in the future.

The design, which can be extended with sensors that feel the touch, contains different design dynamics with its moving features. As seen in Apple’s patent, the buttons positioned on the ring suggest that the product can monitor sports activities.


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