Bloomberg recently released a report on Bitcoin and gold prices. Evaluating how these two products are affected by Coronavirus, experts predict that both Bitcoin and gold will gain value.

According to the report published by Bloomberg, the Coronavirus will significantly change Bitcoin. Normally, as a speculative product, Bitcoin will become a more stable product in this process.

Experts predicting that Bitcoin will start acting more independently from the stock markets in the coming period, BTC will thus approach the gold a little more. In such a case, the digital gold depiction used for Bitcoin could make a little more sense.

According to these experts, the decrease in volatility in Bitcoin price and BTC starting to act like a bit more gold will be reflected in the price. According to the report published by Bloomberg, Bitcoin’s maturity in the Coronavirus days will result in a rise in Bitcoin price.

Awaiting Ascension Under
Bloomberg expects a rise not only in Bitcoin price but also in gold price. This report, published in the past weeks, targets $ 1900 for gold.

The ounce price of gold has already reached the highest level in 7 years. Meanwhile, some experts began to say that gold will surpass the $ 1800 threshold and reach its all-time high. Bloomberg, which targets $ 1900, makes a similar estimate.

In the meantime, we need to remind you that the gold forecast that Bank of America recently shared. Bank of America analysts said in an astonishing statement that the ounce price of gold could go up to $ 3000.


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