HarmonyOS 2.0, one of today’s popular operating systems, is home to approximately 500,000 developers.


Huawei, which has been in our news for months, weeks and days, continues to come up with brand new developments. Introducing its brand new products on June 2, the company became the pastor with the USA again. The US government has also decided to impose sanctions on Chinese technology giants in a new decree published this morning. On the other hand, the popular phone manufacturer is looking for ways to gain power in the smartphone market. Interesting details have emerged today for the HarmonyOS 2.0 operating system, which will be the company’s Android enemy. We talked about these details in this article.

As you know, Huawei has been working hard for the new operating system since 2019. It was expected and the operating system, which was launched as of June 2, does not fall off the agenda.

HarmonyOS 2.0 Is Home to 500,000 Developers

As you may recall, the Huawei company recently stated that more than 40 brands will use the new operating system. An open source version of the operating system, which is known to come to millions of phones by the first half of 2022, has also been released. The operating system, which hosts 300 partners, is also home to 500,000 developers. According to the information we received, the company stated that since 2019, the Huawei developer audience has reached approximately 500,000. The operating system, which allows the combination of different languages, both consumes less battery and consumes less memory. The operating system, which was launched as of June 2, seems to continue to grow.


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