Turkey yesterday postponed for the fourth time the decision to invest in the German automotive giant Volkswagen is considering making its final decision in the middle of this year. “If Volkswagen is going to build a factory, it will be in Manisa,” said TAYSAD President Alper Kanca.

Located 122 plants worldwide, the German carmaker Volkswagen, after two years of work, decided to build a new factory in Turkey. Six countries: Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Morocco and Tunisia; The company, which examined the subject such as location, production conditions, employment and incentives, used its final decision for our country. One of the most important factors in choosing Volkswagen in Turkey, no doubt, Turkey’s annual 40 thousand vehicles was receiving guarantees and incentives worth 400 million euros.

Volkswagen, the largest automotive company in the world, has announced an investment decision of Volkswagen Turkey Otomotiv Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. with a capital of 943.5 million TL in Manisa. had established a company called. However, Operation Peace Spring, which was launched in the north of Syria, caused the factory investment of 1.4 billion Euros to be shelved.

Deferring the investment of the factory to be established in Manisa for the fourth time as of yesterday, the German brand is planning to make its final decision in the middle of this year. In statements on the subject of the Association of Automotive Supply Industry (TAYSAD) Chairman Alper Hook, “Turkey’s good economic performance and subject better grip of the Germans, will bring the factory decided to seriously on the agenda. If established a factory Volkswagen, it will be in Manisa,” he said.

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Volkswagen’s hook, indicating that the need for such a plant, said this investment is the fastest and best way to be established in Turkey. Compared with the candidate countries as the most effective and qualified industrialists in Turkey stated that hook, “it not much changed something on our side. The company that Volkswagen founded still stands. The land that he intends to set up the factory is still standing. Overall the only thing changing political situation and military operations side when viewed in Turkey. There are those who base Volkswagen’s postponement of their investment decision on tax or economic reasons. There are those who say they are based only on political reasons. It is not possible to say anything very clearly about this procrastination. ”

Aegean Automotive Association (EGOD) Chairman Mustafa Akkalay while Volkswagen’s Izmir region by sharing the information that they allocate a large German company from the port showed that Turkey abandon its investments. All of this investment Akkalay indicating that positive impact, “Volkswagen has chosen our region to make its first investment in Turkey. This is a chance for us. This will be followed by undertaking investments in investment. There will trigger the coming here of firms that provide supplies to manufacturers investing a manufacturers’ assessment made.


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