Infinix has confirmed the phone with 160W fast charging support. The design features of the phone that will level up to Infinix are already known.


Infinix has confirmed the phone with 160-watt fast charging support and announced that the release date is close. In the first news of the Xda-developers site at the beginning of June, it was reported that the brand is working on a smartphone with 160-watt fast charging support. This fast charging feature, which Infinix calls “Ultra Flash Charge”, will be offered with a not-so-large adapter, judging by the leaked image.

If the phone with 160-watt charging support is released immediately, Infinix will hold the record in this area. Currently, the fastest charging phones on the market are at 120 watts. Premium phones such as OnePlus 9 Pro, Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Ultra can reach 65w/67w fast charging level.

So, how will the phone with 160-watt fast charging support look like? There are also some leaks at this point. It is not yet clear how the phone will be named. In addition to the 160-watt fast charging support, the waterfall screen is sure to attract more attention. We haven’t seen a phone with such a screen after the Mate 30 Pro.

Due to the waterfall screen, the sides are completely made of screen. While the volume buttons and power key are located on the right side of the phone, these keys are hardly noticeable when viewed from the front. Another important point to say about the front of the phone is that the camera is placed in the left corner.

The phone, which will represent Infinix in the upper segment, comes with a camera structure reminiscent of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Nubia Z30 Pro models. A huge sensor is placed at the top, another camera and LED flash are placed under this large sensor. It does not go unnoticed that the third camera is also a periscope.

This is the information we have about the phone at the moment, but we will reach more important information with Infinix’s shares or leaks.


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