Infinix will be involved in the fast charging competition. The latest developments are that the company has developed a phone with 160-watt fast charging support.


Infinix, which has been selling phones in some parts of Europe and Asia since 2013, has been officially continuing its operations in our country for a while. The brand, which has been accepted among users in a short time with its price / performance products, has finally unveiled the Note 10 series. While Infinix expands its product range, it also competes with manufacturers that are much more influential in the mobile world. One of these areas is fast charging. Infinix is ​​getting ready to join the fast charging competition.

Infinix Boosts Fast Charge to 160W

According to the news of the Xda-developers site, the company is working on a smartphone with 160-watt fast charging support. This fast charging feature, which the brand calls “Ultra Flash Charge”, will be offered with a not-so-large adapter, judging by the leaked image.

If the phone with 160-watt charging support is released immediately, Infinix will hold the record in this area. Currently, the fastest charging phones on the market are at 120 watts. Premium phones such as OnePlus 9 Pro, Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Ultra can reach 65w/67w fast charging level. It is currently unclear when Infinix will introduce the phone, which will have 160 watt charging support.


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