Infinix Zero X News; Infinix’s phone with 160w fast charging support has been confirmed. The smartphone named Infinix Zero X will be a complete upper segment killer.


Infinix, which has come to an ambitious point in the entry and middle segments with budget-friendly smartphones, now wants to compete with higher segment phones. It has been confirmed that the first phone to be unveiled by the company at this point is the Infinix Zero X. Infinix has officially confirmed this special phone, as well as confirming that it will come with 160-watt wired and 50-watt wireless fast charging.

We expect Zero X to debut soon. Thus, the phone will be the device with the fastest charging power on the market. Currently, some models of iQOO and Xiaomi have 120 watt fast charging support. On the other hand, Xiaomi announced 200-watt wired and 120-watt wireless charging features, but it will take 2022 for these developments to take place on smartphones.

In light of all these developments, the Zero X will be the phone with the fastest charging power in the smartphone segment for a long time. It is not known how big a battery the device carries, but this battery will be full in a few minutes.

Let’s also come to the design details of the phone whose official image was leaked. We expect Infinix to use either Snapdragon 888 or Snapdragon 870 chipsets in the Zero X model. It is clear that the fingerprint scanner will be embedded in the screen on the phone with the waterfall screen. The front camera is one and placed in the left corner of the screen.

When we look at the back, there is a remarkable camera design. Three cameras stand out here, and one of these sensors will be periscope. We will continue to report as there are developments regarding the exciting phone.


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