Injustice: Gods Among Us, one of DC’s popular comic book series, is now coming with an animated movie. You can find the details in our news.

In 2013, DC’s recently popular series Injustice, which includes a comic book series that depicts both the game and the pre-game, is coming.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Animation Coming

Unfortunately, there is currently no official announcement. Therefore, there is no information about animation. The information about the arrival of the animated movie appeared in the press release of the animated movie Batman: The Long Halloween. Before the second episode of Batman: The Long Halloween airs, we will probably learn a little bit about the Injustice animated movie. In fact, the trailer will probably come.

The Injustice game series depicts an alternate DC universe in which Superman goes mad after the Joker kills Superman’s wife, Lois, and his unborn child. The comics tell the beginning of the story, and the game tells the period under Superman. The second comic series bridges the gap between Injustice’s two games.


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