Although it is still in the testing phase, Valorant, which has managed to become one of the most spoken games of the last period, is preparing to come out with its competitive mode. Riot Games, the developer of the game, gave the good news.

Valorant meets competitive mode!
The closed beta phase of the FPS type Valorant released by Riot Games, the developer of the game known as League of Legends, LoL, continues. This mode, which will be added to the game whose audience is increasing day by day with the 0.49 update, will be available to players in North America and Europe for now.

If you have played Blizzard and LoL games in recent years, the ranking of Valorant will be familiar to you. Users will gain rank based on their level. There is an 8-stage rank system: “Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal and Valorant”.

As you raise your rank, your performance will look at the point earned in the ranking of the game and how decisive your matches are. The reason for this is Riot Games as follows: “We trust you in your highest competitive matches and we believe that you have won the path to the top with your teammates.” He explains. It should be noted that this rank system will be reset when opened to everyone after the closed beta phase.

The value of your rank will increase or decrease according to the points you earn in matches. To try this whole system, you have to wait until the summer or sign up for the closed beta yet. To download and play the game, you must connect to your Twitch account with one Riot Games account.


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