BTS has become very popular within the music industry, its popularity has reached the affection of great celebs such as Halsey, Jimmy Fallon, Billie Eilish, among others, including celebrities in the world of sports.

Jimin, who has studies in contemporary dance and who has demonstrated his techniques in choreography such as Black Swan, has become an inspiration for skating stars, we tell you what it is about.

Through his Instagram account, professional skater Roman Sadovsky shared a video where he recreates a somersault, a move Jimin has done in some BTS choreography. The Canadian is a great athlete, as he is currently the 2020 national champion.

Jimin has inspired this ice skater to implement new tricks, he accompanied his post with a message where he asked his fans if they would like me to perform this jump on ice.

Roman Sadovsky assured that he saw a video of Jimin and therefore wanted to try it. For the so-called somersaults it takes a lot of practice and a good calculation, on previous occasions, Jimin has worried every time he makes the move, since a wrong step and could hurt one of his teammates.

The boys have not only inspired their fans to love themselves, their talent also surprises other celebrities from different areas.

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