Instagram and TikTok are among the favorite platforms of social media users. Due to the continuity of our social media habits in these days when we stay at home, sometimes we may skip the videos we see and love without clicking the like button or sharing them with our close friends. In such cases, it is very difficult to go back and find the same video when we want to watch or share it again. Google finally took care of this situation that many people wanted to solve.

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Last April, Google started testing a new category of video search results, the “Short Videos” tab. While only YouTube videos were shown in the early stages of the feature, it is said that content from Instagram and TikTok is also seen, although it is still in the experimental stage. This feature will only be available on mobile devices. According to foreign sources, the reason for this move is that Google wants users not to leave Google completely while consuming social media content.

Stating that the feature is only available to a small group of users in its announcement, Google also stated that this Short Videos tab will not be shown in every search result. This feature may be available for some users and some searches, in browsers of mobile devices and in the Google Search app of Android and iOS devices.

Users who tried to search for Instagram and TikTok videos stated that the videos opened in the browser, not in the app. The reason for this is thought to be to encourage users to spend more time on Google instead of social media platforms.

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It is not yet known whether Google, which made an official agreement with Twitter on search results in 2015, has made such an agreement with TikTok and Instagram. However, if this very limited feature is developed, it may produce interesting results.


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