The Instagram Live Rooms feature doubles the live streaming capacity.
Instagram has introduced its brand new feature called Live Rooms. Thanks to the feature, users will be able to invite 3 more people to the live session at the same time.

Let us remind you that only live broadcasts for two people were allowed before. In this sense, the platform doubled its feature on Instagram Live. Facebook shares that they aim to increase creative opportunities with additional capacity and make users feel more connected with their friends and family.

To start the Live Rooms feature, it is enough to swipe left on the application screen, select the Live Camera option and click the Rooms icon. Then you can add the guests you want to chat with. It is possible to start the conversation with as many guests as you want. Additionally, you can send an invitation during a live session. In addition, each time a guest is added, their followers will be notified.

To ensure the security of these rooms, no one blocked by any of the active participants will be able to view the content while it is streamed live. In fact, live access will be canceled from users if they violate community rules. The directors of the room also have the right to report and block comments and apply comment filters.

The platform emphasizes that this update is another step towards giving creators more ways to reach and interact with their audiences. It is stated that the new feature will be launched all over the world at the same time and will be accessible to all Instagram users.

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