One of the most used social media platforms, Instagram is preparing to use an important innovation for account blocking. It has been discovered that Instagram is working for account blocking, which is indispensable for privacy settings.

The application, which also brought the account restriction feature before, will sign an innovation that will provide convenience for its users. In particular, it will be easier to manage unwanted accounts together.

Instagram blocking feature is improving

Today, the number of Instagram users has reached huge numbers. For this purpose, the application continues to work, so that users can easily manage and block the accounts they have blocked. The feature was uncovered thanks to reverse engineering. The engineer who released it was Alessandro Paluzzi.

Looking at the feature, the Instagram account blocking page will have the option to add to blocked people. Thanks to this, users will be offered people who are recommended to be blocked by the application. This way, users are aimed to keep the level of privacy higher and do it themselves.

When the privacy section is entered in the account settings, there is a blocked button in the upper right section of the listed users. Tapping this button will show the people who are specifically recommended to be blocked from the user. This demonstration will also block users easily.

With this step, it is aimed to provide more confidential and secure platform usage for users.


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