Instagram Stories, which creates a bad image by presenting a single content on a wide screen, fills the screen with a carousel-style transitive method in its new design.

Stories for Instagram, one of the most visited social networks, has become very important. The company is testing a design for Stories in the desktop version that will bring a little more content to the fore.

Stories are changing
Normally, the desktop version of Instagram has a design that completely covers the screen when a story is opened, but only displays the content in the middle. Although it fits the screen perfectly in the mobile version, it does not appeal to the eye pleasure in the desktop version.

In the New Stories design, a transitive vehicle called a carousel was adopted. While watching a Story, there are new ones on the right and old ones on the left. Thus, the wide screen is fully used.

The New Stories design continues to test with a closed group on the desktop Instagram for now. After positive feedback, it can be widely available in the coming months.


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