New anti-cyberbullying management and comment fixing features were added to the app, while the tagging and mention settings were updated.

Taking measures against cyberbullying on its platform for a while, Instagram launched new anti-cyberbullying tools. The company, which enables users to manage negative comments, also allows to highlight positive comments.

Let’s add that, as part of the new features released, users can now identify who can tag themselves and talk about them. Labeling and mentioning are among the preferred methods in cyberbullying.

It was designed by considering the feature of managing negative comments in the first place with large followers. If you consider the viral posts and the organized comment attack by internet trolls or bots, we can say that it is difficult to manage negative comments for these accounts.

Instagram was testing this feature, which allowed my account holders to delete in bulk and block multiple accounts that left negative comments on the page for a while. Thanks to the feature, the effect of those waiting in ambush to regularly make negative comments or trolling to high-profile accounts was reduced on the platform. According to the company statement, the positive feedback collected during the test enabled the company to publish the feature on Instagram.

How are the new comment management features used?
After pressing the comments in Instagram’s iOS application, you can access the Highlight Comments feature by pressing the three dots icon in the upper right corner. Let’s add that the feature allows you to delete comments for up to 25 accounts at once. If you press the “More options” section, you can also use the feature to block and restrict commenters collectively. To turn the feature on the Android app, you have to press and hold the comment to press the dotted icon. You can choose whatever you want from Block or Restrict options.

Comment pinning feature
One of the new features on Instagram is the comment pinning feature. Comment fixing will first be made available to users as part of the testing process. Thanks to the comment pinning feature, users will be able to highlight positive comments below posts.

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In this way, a more constructive community can be created by promoting positive behavior on the platform. Let’s add that when the feature is published, users can highlight multiple comments by pinning them onto other comments.

Updated tagging and mentioning settings
In addition to the comment features, Instagram has updated the settings for tagging and mentioning in comments, posts or stories. Let’s say that users can determine who can be proficient in tagging and mentioning settings. For this, you just need to choose between “Everyone”, “People I Follow” and “Nobody” options. Let us also mention that you can turn these settings on or off in Shipments. So you can allow tagging in a single post.

Even if Instagram account owners have more control over comments, it may seem positive in the first place, but it may turn into monotonous in the long run. The biggest difference of these features without hiding the comments published on Twitter recently; we can say that unwanted sounds are silenced quickly. Because Twitter users can view hidden comments if they wish. On the other hand, it is possible to say that diversity on the platform may be lost with Instagram users, deletion, blocking and restriction features.

Along with these new features, Facebook also published the Community Standards Enforcement Report. The report details how Community Standards are implemented in the implementation family.

According to the report, in the fourth quarter of 2019 and the first quarter of 2020, action was taken against 1.5 million Instagram posts containing cyberbullying. It is possible to say that the detection of posts with a suicidal tendency on Instagram is tightened.



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