Instagram, one of the most widely used social media applications in the world, has begun to retest the Lite application, also known as quota friendly.
Instagram, which is part of the social media giant Facebook, is on the agenda with its new version. The company released the Lite version of Instagram for low end phone users in an attempt to expand their user base and reach more people around the world.

In fact, Instagram started testing a new application called “Instagram Lite” in 2018. The first version of the application, which had a file size of only 573 kilobytes, specifically targeted smartphones with low hardware capabilities. However, the project in question was withdrawn without any reason.

The Lite feature, which is on the agenda again after a long time, is very economical in data usage. Instagram Lite, which is stated to occupy only 2 MB, will use less data and will create a faster usage chance. In other words, the Lite version of Instagram will take up less space and consume less data on smartphones.

In terms of Instagram Lite taking up less space and running faster, it has already been very curious, especially for those who use smartphones with low hardware features. Instagram Lite will again be a version where photos, videos and stories can be shared. However, this “lite” version will not feature big applications such as Reels and IGTV.

The mentioned Lite version is currently being tested in India. The application in question is available for Android users from the Google Play Store. It is said that the application will be available all over the world soon.


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