Instagram joins many other social media platforms trying to combat the spread of misinformation. The app announced two new features to combat misinformation about COVID-19.

Instagram announces two new features

The app has shared two new features with us: Users in regions with sudden incidents will see a link to local health authorities at the top of their notifications. In addition, all users looking for vaccine information will be directed to reliable health resources.

As is known, these notifications were included in the announcement tweets. Most platforms have provided misinformation about the vaccine and social media will take these measures in addition to the “social network with false information” blocking hashtags. However, most healthcare institutions are dealing with increasing case numbers and hospital filling. The recently released COVID-19 vaccine has become a hope for both healthcare professionals and the whole world. With the various vaccines and measures spreading, the application company provides strict information to combat the virus and misinformation, especially in the USA. The company believes these two updated features will have a huge impact on people, as the impact of social media takes a large part in our lives.

When you open the application, if you are in the area where the cases are intense, you will see a warning where your notifications are on your home page, linking to health organizations such as WHO, CDC. In addition, you will be directed to information from authorized healthcare professionals for the terms users are looking for about COVID-19, as well as showing the claims that have been disproved about the COVID-19 vaccine.

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Facebook, the parent company of Instagram, also offers a feature to combat misinformation. If users have interacted with posts related to this topic, it sends notifications to users. YouTube has started to add cards linking to sources such as CDC and WHO under the videos about the pandemic. Recently, Twitter also said that it will remove the wrong information it gave about COVID-19.

CDC is a unit of the US Department of Health and Human Services working on public health and public safety. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention supports health progress and development, especially by providing information, and cooperates with other government health departments and bodies.

WHO is an organization affiliated to the United Nations and conducting international studies on public health.

In this period we are in, it seems that we will continue to fight the COVID-19 virus. The new updates continue to be important for both sick users and at-risk users.


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