Instagram has launched a new feature called “Recently Deleted” for Android and iOS apps. This feature, also known as the Instagram photo recovery feature, allows the deleted content to be recovered with a single click. Thanks to this feature, accidental deletion of photos is eliminated.



Instagram photo recovery feature will not allow hackers

The Recently Deleted folder has built-in protections to prevent hackers from permanently deleting content from compromised accounts. This protection includes a phone number and a two-step verification system. To use Instagram’s new feature, you have to verify your account with either your phone number or your e-mail account. Otherwise, you will not be able to use this feature.

Content such as photos, videos, reels, IGTV videos and stories is now moved to the “Recently Deleted” folder when deleted. If you wish, you can permanently destroy these photos by manually deleting them one by one.

In the latest update of the Instagram app, users can go to Settings ⇾ Account ⇾ Recently Deleted ‘and access their deleted content from there. Users will have the option to permanently delete the selected content or restore them to their own account.

It is very pleasing that Instagram, which is part of Facebook, offers continuous innovation. Instagram, which has not developed an iPad application for 10 years, we hope that after these beneficial features, it will take a hand in the tablet application as soon as possible.


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