Instagram QR Code: how to create a code for your profile. New codes open a user or company profile on the social network; feature replaced old Name Tags.

The Instagram allows you to create QR codes that link to the user profile. The feature was launched globally on the last 18th on Android phones and iPhone ( iOS ), and replaced the Name Tags , which had a similar purpose. The codes can be personalized with colored backgrounds, emojis or selfies, and can be useful to quickly get people to the profiles indicated without having to search for their username, helping to gain new followers. Check out, in the following tutorial, how to create an Instagram QR Code and how to make and read a code through the application.

How to create an Instagram QR Code

Step 1. Open your Instagram profile and tap on the three horizontal stripes to open the menu. Then, tap on “QR Code”;

Step 2. You will see your code immediately. Touch the bottom of the screen to change the background color;

Step 3. Touch the “Color” button to change the background style. In the “Emoji” option, the background is illustrated with several faces;

Step 4. Tap the bottom to choose the emoji you want;

Step 5. Tap the “Emoji” button to change to the “Selfie” option;

Step 6. Position your face in the field indicated and capture the image. The QR Code background will be illustrated with several thumbnails of your selfie. Touch the screen to see other options;

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Step 7. Finally, tap the share icon to send your QR Code to friends.

How to scan an Instagram QR code

Step 1. Touch “Read QR code” and point the camera at a code. Instagram will immediately display the profile found;

Step 2. Another option is to touch the picture icon located in the upper right corner and choose a QR Code stored in the gallery. The social network will also read it immediately.

How to create an Instagram QR Code from your computer

Step 1. Go to and immediately see your QR Code on the screen. Select the desired background color and click on “Download the name tag” to download the code to your computer;

Take advantage of the tip to create Instagram QR Codes and share your profile easily.


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