Missed that live show of your favorite artist on Instagram? This may not happen anymore. The company announced that, with the increase in access during the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, it intends to launch a feature to transfer the content directly to IGTV.

According to the company, in the United States alone, the consumption of these contents increased by 70%. So, allowing for the simplified sharing of successful lives out there, it would no longer be necessary to upload content again – great for creators, terrible for YouTube.

“In times of social detachment, we are seeing people finding on Instagram a way to stay connected with the people and things they love most, and the Live format has played an important role in this context”, informs the official statement.

“We’re announcing a test to allow people to easily save their Live videos directly to IGTV, to preserve those moments and make the content available for more than the 24-hour Stories limit and can be found by others ”.

That is, when you touch a simple button, the process is done.

New features
This is just another of the news announced by Instagram. Now, it is possible to follow and comment on the transmissions in the web version, which was not allowed before. In addition, accessing private messages in this visualization model was another feature implemented.

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