Instagram, one of the social media platforms, has announced that it will delete the accounts of users who insult private messages in order to prevent bullying.

Before that, the social network Instagram temporarily disabled the chat features of users who insulted from private messages. However, the new rules on cyberbullying have become more radical.

Racist and religious insults will be based
This decision was made as a result of the racist insults that football players from English clubs faced on Instagram. For now, these bans are implemented as a result of racial or religious insults. Now, the account of the user who made such a bullying will be deleted forever and Instagram will prevent the same user from getting a new account and continuing his insults from there.

The company also states that the confidentiality of the correspondence will not be violated. This type of blocking will be implemented based on complaints from abused users. Additionally, the social network will allow blocking of messages from all accounts that the user is not following. Previously this functionality was only available for accounts with a large number of subscribers and corporate pages and will now be available to all users.


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