Experts think that in 2021, institutional investors will start buying ETH tokens en masse, unlike Bitcoin.Bitcoin made a very serious jump in 2020 and its price increased 10 times in 9 months.

Investment firm Wells Fargo described Bitcoin as the best investment asset, and institutional investors continue to acquire cryptocurrency en masse.

Investors’ Money Will Flow From Bitcoin to Ethereum
According to the shares of Ryan Watkins, an analyst at Messari, institutions will start investing in Ethereum in 2021. Watkins believes the launch of Ethereum futures at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange confirms its predictions. According to him, CME would not have launched this product without such an interest in ETH in the market.

Increasing investor interest in ETH is strengthened with the launch of Ethereum 2.0 phase zero. The Celsius company had contributed the last 25,000 coins needed to launch Ethereum 2.0.

Institutions Raise Bitcoin Price
If Watkins’ predictions come true, the price of the ETH token could rise significantly in 2021. A similar situation is currently observed in Bitcoin.

PriceWaterhouseCoopers analysts believe the current rally is primarily due to the availability of a ready-made infrastructure for the arrival of institutional investors.

Morehead of Pantera Capital believes the current rally is much different from what happened in 2017, given strong pressure from public companies, large funds, and macro investors.


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