Next-generation motherboard models such as the H510, B560 and Z590 may be released earlier than the 11th generation Rocket Lake processors.

The Chinese news outlet Weixin reported in a short article that Intel is ready to promote its upcoming 500 series motherboards. In fact, a clear date was given by the source and it is claimed that an official announcement will be made on January 11.

We expect the blue team to introduce three different chipsets like Z590, B560 and H510. It is surprising that all models will be released on the same day. Because the Z490 models stood out in the first step.

The article did not provide a date for Intel’s new Rocket Lake-S desktop processors. However, 11th generation CPUs are said to be released in late February or early March. In the meantime, let us remind you that the leaks in the past also point to March.

Future innovations with the Intel 500 Series
It is no longer a secret that the new Rocket Lake platform will support PCIe 4.0 technology. In this context, new chipsets will also have this support. Specifically, some H510 and B560 models may have some restrictions.

We also learned that improvements have been made to the memory controller with Rocket Lake processors. Therefore, we will often encounter 3200 MHz memory support in new motherboards.

Processor Support and LGA1200 Socket
The new motherboards will continue to use the LGA1200 socket structure as in the 10th generation Comet Lake. Therefore, let’s say that new processors will be supported in the existing 400 series motherboards. However, there may be some restrictions and we need to wait a little longer before we can see this.


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