A row of Ford Fusion Hybrid data collection cars sit in the parking lot at Intel Corporation's Chandler Advanced Vehicle Lab in Chandler, Ariz., in February 2017. Sensor-laden cars from the lab, part of the company's Automated Driving Group, drive nearby streets collecting information to create so-called deep learning models that will provide data for future vehicles that will drive themselves. (Credit: Tim Herman/Intel Corporation)

Technology manufacturer Intel bought Moovit, which offers urban public transportation solutions, for $ 900 million. With this acquisition, Intel took its first step into the autonomous world.

Moovit, the urban mobility application that supports Android and iOS devices, provides information on the direction users want to go. You can learn how to go the fastest way by choosing the direction you want to go through the application.

Intel enters the autonomous world
In 2012, the application launched by Nir Erez, Yaron Evron and Roy Bick supports transportation methods such as paid scooters and Uber in addition to the map applications we use. The application, which has more options than its competitors, will contribute to Intel’s role in the autonomous world.

Intel announced that the Moovit application has 800 million users with current data and serves 3100 cities in 102 countries. The application had received an investment of $ 50 million in the investment tour organized by Intel in the first quarter of 2018.

In 2030, the company enters the autonomous sector, which is expected to have a huge volume of 160 billion dollars, with mobile platforms. The company continues to work for the autonomous sector, which promises a great future with its robotaxy studies. Another Israeli-based company, Mobileye, was purchased by Intel in 2017 for 15.3 billion.

Using the advanced driver support system of the Mobileye application, the company went into robotaxy studies and made a rapid entry into the smart mobility industry. “The ADAS technology of the Mobileye initiative increases the safety of millions of cars on the road,” said Intel CEO Bob Swan. Moovit also gained momentum to revolutionize transportation. It saves lives as a complete urban mobility provider by reducing density. ” found in the description.

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It seems that the acquisition, which is one step closer to Intel’s goals of establishing an autonomous fleet, will cause the company to be heard in this sector in the long term.


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