In order to respond to the Ryzen 5000, the blue team made a significant discount on their processors. The company offers Comet Lake processors instead of Ryzens that cannot be found in stocks.

Although AMD offers a voluminous performance increase with the Ryzen 5000, the TSMC’s production capacity not keeping up with demand puts the red team in a difficult position.

Intel takes advantage of it
The advantage of having its own production facilities becomes important here. Taking advantage of the situation, Intel processors reduced an average of 13%, and instead of AMD processors that could not be found, Comet Lake was even more competitive. Of course, we should not forget the share of Rocket Lake’s approach here.

According to the figures compiled from the market, the discount rate starts from 10% and goes up to 22%. The Core i9-10850K, which goes under $ 500, may be a nice choice instead of the Ryzen 9 5900X, which cannot be found on the shelves at this point.


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