Having browsed its PCB in the past months, the DG1 this time sweated in the performance test. As expected, the card appears as a multimedia-focused solution.

The first external desktop graphics card developed by the Mavi team after many years, it was the first time in the performance test.

In the DG1 performance test
The Intel DG1 graphics card with Xe architecture, which was stressed during Basemark’s tests, was run on the ASUS PRIME H410M, one of the 2 motherboards it can work with.

The card scored 17289 points according to the tests and showed a similar performance to the HD 7850, one of AMD’s older cards with a score of 17349 points. Although the equivalent of the DG1 with 4 GB LPDDR4-4266 MHz VRAM is lagging behind in current models, it is the RX 550.

Although Intel has not yet verified the DG1 for other platforms, players have more expectations from the company. In this context, Xe-HPG architecture cards developed for games continue to be cooked in the kitchen.


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