Intel has benefited from the boom in affordable laptop sales during the pandemic. The company exceeded its own expectations with $ 20 billion in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Although the year 2020 was very difficult due to the pandemic, some sectors managed to turn the crisis into an opportunity. Intense demand for tablet and laptop models during the distance education period made Intel close the year above expectations.

Success in the fourth quarter
Although it is thought that Intel will have a difficult period, starting the year with production difficulties and competitive pressure from AMD, the pandemic has changed everything. In particular, the search for affordable laptops and tablets reflected the company as revenue.

According to last year’s fourth quarter reports, Intel’s total revenue has exceeded $ 20 billion. The company’s expectation was around $ 17.5 billion. Operating profit was $ 5.9 billion during this period.

The company’s PC processor sales increased 33 percent compared to last year. Notebook processors sales rose 30 percent. During this period, the 15 percent drop in average laptop prices was effective in sales. The PC division achieved an overall revenue of $ 10.9 billion, an increase of around 9 percent. Mobileye’s driverless vehicle technologies division also attracted attention with an increase of 39 percent. All episodes other than that announced the decline.

As of 2020, Intel had a total revenue of $ 78 billion and broke a record. The PC division led the way with revenue of $ 40 billion. The increase was 8 percent. The company has lowered its revenue targets as it expects normalization in the new year.


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