Intel Ice Lake Xeon Scalable Processors can show 74 percent better AI performance than the previous generation.

Announced third generation Xeon Scalable processors built by Intel for data centers and everything else that requires this level of complexity in computing. Intel Ice Lake Xeon Scalable processors come with AI acceleration using DL Boost. Intel underlines that these processors are the only data center chips with artificial intelligence and promises 74 percent better AI performance compared to the previous generation.

The new Xeon Scalable processors from the Ice Lake family are leaving the 10 nm process process. An improvement of 46 percent is mentioned in common workloads. Compared to a 5-year system, the company promises a 265 percent improvement in average performance. Each processor can have up to 40 cores and supports up to 8 DDR4-3200 memory per socket and PCIe Gen 4 up to 64 lanes.

Another thing that Intel draws attention to is crypto acceleration. This means better performance in cryptographic algorithms. Intel stated that those dealing with something it calls a heavy encryption workload will feel the impact.

The platform also includes Intel Optane permanent memory 200 series, Optane SSD P5800X and SSD D5-P5316 NAND SSDs, as well as Ethernet 800 Series Network Adapters and the latest Intel Agilex FPGAs. New N-SKU chips are also available for networking, promising 5G breakthroughs with 62 percent better performance.

Intel shares that more than 800 cloud service providers are using Xeon Scalable processors and this year all leading cloud service providers will use services powered by the new third generation chips.


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