The long awaited Intel Iris Xe desktop graphics are first shipped to OEMs.Intel has finally begun shipping the first desktop graphics cards based on the Intel Xe architecture to OEM companies.

The company announced plans for the DG1 (Discrete Graphics 1) last year at the CES 2020 event and showed an early model of the GPU running Destiny 2.

Intel Iris Xe named DG1 is based on 10 nm SuperFin architecture. In addition, desktop cards, which will come with 80 processing units instead of 96 processing units in notebook computers, have slightly lower features compared to laptops. While the Xe Max has a clock speed of 1,650 MHz, the clock speed of the desktop card is uncertain. In addition, 4GB of LPDDR4X memory and a 128-bit bus interface are offered. Intel also announced that the card will come with three different inputs, HDMI, DisplayPort and DL-DVI-D.

Intel Iris Xe desktop graphics cards will also be useful for modern home theater PCs (HTPC) or media PCs, as they feature AV1 decoding acceleration. Iris Xe also supports DP4a deep learning inference acceleration and can be helpful as an inexpensive accelerator for AI and machine learning workloads to assist the processor.

For now, Intel’s Iris Xe desktop graphics will only be sold by OEMs and system integrators. Intel also implies that with this GPU it won’t be too expensive as they will target the high-volume / valuable desktop market. So while Intel doesn’t want to lock onto AMD and NVIDIA’s high-end models right now, it certainly plans to do so later in the year.

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