GlobalFoundries News: Processor giant Intel has started negotiations to buy GlobalFoundries, which left AMD. A record purchase could happen soon.


The chip crisis, which started with the coronavirus pandemic, had a negative impact on almost all giants. It was wondered what Intel and AMD would do, which was hit in this process. The latest information was that Intel would establish a new production facility. However, today’s news shows us that Intel will buy GlobalFoundries at an unprecedented record price.

GlobalFoundries, a company that once left AMD, is a major contract manufacturer of semiconductor products that continues to fulfill orders, especially from AMD. It currently has about 7 percent of the global contract manufacturing market. It was previously known that Intel was in talks with SiFive, the developer of RISC-V chips, hoping to buy it for $2 billion.

Intel’s move is cited as part of a major restructuring led by new CEO Pat Gelsinger. Intel plans to expand manufacturing capacity through its IDM 2.0 initiative, which it announced plans to build two new factories in Arizona and provide manufacturing services.

It is said that Intel, which will corner its arch-rival AMD, is sacrificing 30 billion dollars for this acquisition. GlobalFoundries, which will be the largest acquisition in Intel’s history, is expected to be sold before the end of this year. If this purchase is made, we can say that hard days are waiting for AMD. In the midst of the chip crisis, AMD’s loss of a partner can have unpleasant consequences.


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