Alder Lake processors, which will stand out with the innovative design of the Mavi team, continue to be detailed even though Rocket Lake is not on the market yet. Intel will deliver bulky IPC growth.

The effects of the competitive environment that AMD has brought to the hardware world after years continue to be seen. An ambitious IPC increase is expected from Intel.

Weeks left to Rocket Lake
According to the latest news, the Rocket Lake processor family will be available on March 15th. The new chips that will support PCIe 4.0 will carry Cypress Cove cores, which are 14 nm adapted Willow Cove cores in existing Tiger Lake processors.

Alder Lake release date
Alder Lake processors, which will follow the 11th generation, will bring 2 different processor cores together under a single roof. The chips to be combined with Golden Cove cores and smaller Gracemont cores were expected to be available with us next September. According to the latest claim, the date has gone a little further and moved to December.

20% IPC increase on the way
Finally, it is stated that Golden Cove cores, which will take place in chips similar to ARM’s big.LITTLE design, will offer a 20% IPC increase over existing Willow Cove cores. Moreover, contrary to what has been known until now, it is stated that Intel will prefer the 10 nm Enhanced Superfin node, which is the refined version of 10 nm.

On the other hand, Gracemont cores, which will stand out with their energy efficiency, are expected to offer IPC similar to the Skylake units currently used. Finally, Alder Lake processors, which are expected to come with DDR5 and PCIe 5.0, will bring the LGA 1700 socket with it.


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