The hybrid design processors of the blue team that we are eagerly anticipating may come earlier than expected according to the last leak. Allegedly, the firm will offer two generations this year.

Semiconductor manufacturer Intel is currently on the agenda with the change of CEO. On the other hand, details about new processors that will come across AMD’s solutions continue to emerge.

2 generation processors in 1 year
According to a Twitter user, Intel may announce its Alder Lake processors next September. On the Intel front where Z590 chipset motherboards have just been pre-ordered, Rocket Lake processors are expected to be available in March.

Naturally, the transition to the new platform every 6 months seems quite ambitious. According to estimates, Intel may want to switch to the new architecture before AMD’s Zen 4-architecture processors. Future hybrid Alder Lake solutions with important new standards such as DDR5 and PCIe 5.0 will also carry Golden Cove cores.

Since LGA 775, protected processor sizes are also changing with the LGA 1200 socket where Alder Lake processors will be used. The new rectangular socket will raise an important question about the forward compatibility of the cooling solutions at hand.

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