Intel is preparing to stop the production of Optane SSD in line with the latest shared information.

It seemed the end of the road for Intel Optane SDD models, which were launched with the slogan of a revolution in the memory industry. With the information provided by Tom’s Hardware, it was announced that the production of the entire Intel Optane SSD family was stopped.

In this section, Intel also states that it will no longer produce Optane Memory SSD discs for desktop computers. Unable to achieve the expected result from these SSD models released with great hopes, Intel also shares some details about the roadmap with users. In this part, the company stated that it will continue with Optane Memory H20, which is more appealing to laptop users, and also says that it will focus on this model.

In addition, the statement also underlines that the models that are officially discontinued will continue to be sent to customers until February 26, 2021. SSD models discontinued with Intel’s announcement are listed as follows:

Discontinued Models
Optane 900P / 905P – 1.5TB, 960GB, 480GB, 280GB
Optane 900P / 905P (U.2) –1.5TB, 960GB, 480GB, 280GB
Optane 905P (M.2) — 380GB
Optane M10 (M.2) – 64GB, 32GB, 16GB
Optane 800P (M.2) –118GB, 58GB


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