Trying to explain that the Apple M1 chipset is not very ideal, Intel has included MacBook Pro models that do not have eleventh generation processors on their posters.

For many years, we have often witnessed brands using another brand’s product while promoting or explaining their own products. This is usually the result of the mistakes of the marketing department. Intel suffers from this too.

Send from Intel to Apple
Apple’s decision to switch to the ARM-based M1 chip on the desktop side affects Intel the most. Even if other manufacturers give the green light to ARM solutions, it will not be too big, but it will give Intel a few points in the market.

Since the first day, Intel has been trying to explain how powerful and advantageous its own processors are over ARM. The last promotion of the marketing department was a bit of a fiasco because the MacBook images used were a bit interesting.

The MacBook Pro image was used on the promotional poster to explain that the Intel Core i7-1185G7 processor is the best solution in thin laptops. However, the aforementioned processors are not included in the MacBook Pro series. On the other hand, it is known that MacBook models with Apple M1 processors surpass Tiger Lake-based laptops. So it was a very unrelated visual. It is unknown whether Intel will make a statement or not.


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