Before the highly anticipated processors of the semiconductor manufacturer were introduced, overclocking trials of the chips began to come to light. The processor cooled with liquid nitrogen saw 6.9 GHz.

The blue team is preparing to use 14 nm +++ for the last time. The high frequency advantage of the veteran node, which has reached an extremely mature level for years, seems to continue this year.

Rocket Lake processor at 6.9 GHz
In the shared video, it is seen that the processor, whose model is not specified, is overclocked on the Z590 chipset Gigabyte motherboard. Accompanying the chip, which was overclocked to 6.9 GHz with serial liquid nitrogen supplements, the accompanying RAMs were also increased to 6666 MHz by giving 1.83v.

In the CPU-Z screenshot, the Rocket Lake chip, which is seen to support AVX-512F and SHA commands, is also reported to be supported with 48 KB L1, 512 KB per core L2 and 16 MB L3 cache in total.


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