New developments continue to occur day by day in the processor field. Now reports from Taiwan claim that Intel has recently signed an outsourcing contract with TSMC and will produce chips for CPUs using 3nm technology in the second half of 2022. Intel is also in talks with TSMC and Samsung to discuss the possibility of outsourcing some high-end chips to the two manufacturers, according to Bloomberg’s previous report. However, Intel’s talks with Samsung are said to be at the first stage. However, Intel may not enter the phone business with these processors. Probably, there will be an attack from Intel to compete with the Apple M1.



According to the Bloomberg report, Intel did not make a final decision on outsourcing. Chips or other components that Intel will buy from TSMC will not enter the market until 2023 at the earliest. Bloomberg News also claims that TSMC is preparing to provide Intel with chip manufacturing capabilities based on the 4 nanometer process. It will make preliminary tests with 5 nanometer process. However, Intel is also in talks with Samsung, but it is said that these talks are at a preliminary stage.

Despite being one of the world’s most renowned chip makers, Intel has experienced years of delays, which has left its competitors in the industry behind. Some of these competitors are designing their own chips. However, the production is made by TSMC.

As early as 2018, Intel handed over part of its 14 nanometer chip production to TSMC due to high demand and manufacturing issues. For this reason, it will not be the first time Intel has TSMC made the production.

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Amazon and Apple are currently reducing their dependence on Intel chip technology. For a long time, Intel’s chip technology has dominated most personal computers and large server systems. After abandoning Intel chips, Apple and Amazon mostly started using self-developed chips.

It is very sad that Intel is not able to be present in the mobile space. Samsung will be working with AMD soon for Exynos chips. It is unlikely that Intel could enter the phone business indirectly in the future.

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