The semiconductor manufacturer’s next-generation motherboards will be announced soon, according to the latest leak. PCIe 4.0 supported motherboards will wait for compatible chips for a while.

The 500 series chipset motherboards, which are expected to be the last DDR4-enabled motherboards of the blue team, will apparently be available soon.

500 series motherboards close
According to the post shared on Chinese social media platforms, Intel will introduce its 500 series motherboards on January 11. This date is also the day Intel will present the CES 2021 event. However, the 500 series is expected to include H510, B560 and Z590 chipsets.

Until the Rocket Lake processors that will come with Cypress Cove cores will take their place on the shelves, let’s add that this feature of the new motherboards with PCIe 4.0 support cannot be used technically. Finally, the end of February-early March is mentioned for Rocket Lake processors.


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