Intel frequently emphasized Jon Rettinger’s YouTube video praising laptops under the Intel Evo program; continues to explain the advantages.

After Apple announced that it will use its ARM-based M1 chipset on desktop devices, a new revolution began to sound. Intel, which is clear that it will lose customers in its best segment, is trying to explain the advantages of x86 systems.

Message from Intel
It was stated that after the Apple M1 chip made a splash, Microsoft and Qualcomm also put on the agenda ARM processors, which will be very efficient on the desktop. Naturally, it means an important share melting for Intel and AMD. In this respect, the judges of the market do not want to be idle.

Last month, Jon Rettinger, known for his Apple videos, praised the laptops under the Intel Evo program and expressed its advantages over the M1 chipset MacBook, which shocked his followers. Intel has emphasized Rettinger in its new post.

Sharing the Rettinger’s YouTube video, Intel gave the message that if you are playing a Rocket League game, you are definitely on a PC. He stated that the best games will be played on the PC.

Intel is not unfair, because even in the x86 class, it is not possible to find as many games as PCs on Mac systems. Especially when the ARM architecture is involved, the difference between PC systems will become much clearer because even half of the popular Mac applications are not yet compatible with the Apple M1. And since the tabletop games need optimization, it is a matter of curiosity about what Apple M1 will do in this regard. However, this will be the striking point as Apple focuses on efficiency and productivity.


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