Blue team is preparing for a change in the management staff these days, when it announces its new processors. The name that guided the company for 2 years will soon change.

The semiconductor manufacturer announced a significant change in the management team while introducing its new processors based on the old node.

Bob Swan leaves after 2 years
Bob Swan, who took office as Intel’s interim CEO in 2018, is leaving his post according to the announcement. Swan, who will remain in his seat until February 15, will then hand over his post to Pat Gelsinger, who is currently CEO of VMWare.

According to the statement, Intel’s financial performance is not behind the CEO change. Moreover, the performance data that the company exhibited above the targets set will be published in the upcoming period. Among the details to be shared on January 21 will also include the progress made at 7 nm.

Pat Gelsinger, on the other hand, played an important role in the creation of standards such as USB and Wi-Fi and started his career at Intel. However, Gelsinger previously played a key role in the 14-generation Core and Xeon processor family.

The expectation of the investors from Pat Gelsinger is to save the company from the difficult situation and to guide Intel with his experience of more than 40 years in the field of technology. On the other hand, after the decision, Intel’s stock value decreased by more than 10%, while VMWare lost 5%.


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