With a new report published, it is stated that Intel has doubled its production capacity in the last three years.Intel had announced and released the Intel Atom P5900, a system-on-chip (SoC) solution.

The products use 10nm chips and Intel had to increase chip production as the production of new products was increased. To do this, the company has doubled its production capacity in the last three years. However, despite this increase, it still has difficulties in meeting the demands of the products.

Intel’s products using 10 nm chips continue to grow, including 11th Gen Intel Core processors and Intel Atom P5900. These products further increase the demand for 10 nm chips that have difficulty keeping up with production. The company tried to overcome this problem by arranging existing laboratories and office spaces for production. It also announced the 10nm SuperFin manufacturing technology that provides the biggest improvement.

Keyvan Esfarjani, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Production and Operations at Intel, said, “We have doubled our production volume in the last three years and this was an important investment for us. We continue to move forward. We continue to invest in factory capacity to keep up with the increasing needs of our customers. ” He states that the company is making an effort to increase its production capacity. The company uses its dedicated facilities to manufacture 10 nm products in the US and Israel in line with its goal of increasing production. We know that production facilities in Arizona and Oregon, especially in the USA, are heavily focused on producing 10 nm products and have increased their production capacity to accommodate these new products.

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Finally, it should be noted that Intel has released a video showing the increased production capacity and the measures taken by its production facilities to achieve this significant increase in production capacity.


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