Raja Koduri’s sharing confirmed that Intel’s new gaming graphics card will support Mesh Shading. The new card can achieve an increase in performance in compatible productions thanks to its efficient rendering technology.

Mavi team continues to share details about the Xe HPG architecture for the players it has been testing feverishly.

Intel graphics card with Mesh Shading support
According to Raja Koduri’s latest Tweet, Intel’s new external graphics card successfully passed the Mesh Shading test. According to the test to be shared soon, the semiconductor manufacturer will also support Mesh Shading, which Nvidia has supported since Turing.

Thanks to Mesh Shading, where the required drawings are selected in order of priority after being evaluated by the task shader and tested by the Mesh shader according to the visibility of the objects that the GPU needs to draw, the processing power of the GPU can be used more efficiently.

As can be seen in the demo where Nvidia features a spaceship moving between asteroids, the total number of triangles to be drawn is quite high, although less triangles are assigned to distant parts, the GPU is drawn closer to the objects in more detail, offering a better experience and achieving fluency.


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