People’s interest in Bitcoin has increased very much in the past year. The number of searches on the meaning of Bitcoin on Google, what it is worth, the difference between blockchain and other cryptocurrencies has reached its highest level in the last two years.

The number of people who wanted to buy BTC just before the Bitcoin halving event in May was more than other periods. Since it is the most popular cryptocurrency, interest in Bitcoin is growing even more.

Search Trends for BTC
The search for Bitcoin reached its peak of popularity (100 points). To understand how important this value is, you should follow how search interest trends work. For example, a value of 50 means that a certain trend in a given region and period has reached half the popularity. According to the findings, various factors show that the interest of people for the world’s leading currencies has increased in popularity. The BTC search in 2017 was at its highest level before losing nearly half of Bitcoin’s market value. But shortly after prices recovered, people’s search exceeded its previous rate in the past two years.

Meaning of Interest in Bitcoin
The popularity of Bitcoin becomes evident in people’s search patterns. Terms like “how to buy Bitcoin” follow the same growth trajectory as the term “Bitcoin” in Google search trends. As in July 2019, both values ​​saw a smaller peak value of 27. Until March 2020, these values ​​rose to an all-time high of 32 in the past two years.

This means that more people are interested in buying BTC than when the price of BTC reached $ 13,000.


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