The company, which has made a sound in recent years with its affordable and successful products, is preparing to take a new step. This time the company patents a new product for wireless headphones. Xioami is developing accessories for wireless headphones. The main task of this accessory will be to charge the headphones with the reverse wireless charging method.

Xiaomi is developing accessories for wireless headphones! They got the patent
This interesting product that the company has applied for its patent will enable the wireless headphones to be charged via the smartphone. The accessory with slot shape for headphones on the phone will use the reverse wireless charging method. You can also see the images used by Xiaomi in the patent application below.

The patent application product is very similar in structure to the boxes of wireless headphones. However, the application of this accessory for patents was another question in mind.

Among Xiaomi’s currently available phones, only the Xiaomi Mi 10 has reverse wireless charging. For this reason, the new patent application made by the company also revealed the claims that this feature is working on new phones in the future.

On the other hand, the technology firm’s patent application for this accessory does not mean that it will definitely release the product. Some of the products that Xiaomi has previously patented have not been revealed yet. We will see if this interesting product will appear before the consumer.


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